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Our story

Matt and Kate’s dog, best friend, and ski buddy Barlow was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Barlow fought the disease for almost two years. It was an emotional time, and Matt and Kate felt overwhelmed and confused tracking all of Barlow’s medical records, appointments and medications. They were concerned that they or one of Barlow’s many vets might miss (or misplace) something critical in all of those paper records.

Matt formed a team of classmates at UCLA to build a health tracker app that could combine all of Barlow’s paper records in one safe place, allow Matt and Kate to keep that information with them in case of emergency, and easily share it with vets, dog sitters, or friends.

The team talked to a lot of pet owners who needed anytime access to their pet’s health information, and PetSnap was born. Whether you want to track Snoopy’s weight, remember to give Garfield his medications, or send proof of Pluto’s vaccinations to doggie daycare, PetSnap can do it all.

PetSnap is free in the App Store and our goal is to make it the easiest way to store, track and share all your pet’s important information. From the laziest tabby to the most mischievous puppy, we believe staying on top of our pet’s health should be easy and can help them live longer and healthier lives.

Download the app, upload your pet’s records, share them with your pet sitter, your significant other or even your mom, then send us an email (with photos of your pets please!) and let us know how we can make PetSnap even better.

Our team

PetSnap was founded by a team of pet-loving, hardworking nerds. Our expertise ranges from software development and biology, to data analytics and Brazilian cuisine. And we enjoy long walks on the beach with our dogs. No really, we do.

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Rex Hatch

Isadora Dantas

Matt Bailey

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